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Project Description
The Document Factory is an open source template to Microsoft Document application library. It comes in two forms a web based library designed for use as a web service on a node that does not have Microsoft Word installed and a windows library for use on work stations that do have Microsoft Word installed.

It is hoped that in the end there will be a server edition designed to be used as a dedicated document factory node and client edition designed for local document generation.

The class uses XML documents that comply with the Word XML Document schema. Tags are then replaced with data from datasource and rendered. The rendered file is then saved to a set location.

Currently the library is still in development and new developers are welcome. Also it will only produce one Document from a dataset but I do aim to have it performing a form of mail merge in the next release.

The reason for me making this Class Library was the volume of questions I have seen about the need for a fast document generating node that did not require a local install of Word.

If you have any questions then please drop me an e-mail.

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